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endgame / эндшпиль
имя существительное
endgame, end-play
имя существительное
the final stage of a game such as chess or bridge, when few pieces or cards remain.
the knight was trapped in the endgame
And like any prolonged negotiation in its final stages, the endgame has turned into a real tussle.
the knight was trapped in the endgame
the retaliatory endgame of nuclear warfare
We are conditioned to put the King into the thick of the action in an endgame .
Almasi played passively and Ivanchuk edged into a better endgame with one pawn up.
the game was adjourned after 41 moves in a rook and pawn endgame
Clinton went into the 1992 endgame with a lead in more states than Carter in 1976
Many of the greatest masters have recommended that chess should be studied from the endgame .
It is relatively easy to draw Rook and pawn endgames; easiest to lose King and pawn endgames .
It's true that five piece endgames are now played perfectly by computers.