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endear / внушить любовь, расположить к себе, заставить полюбить
внушить любовь
расположить к себе
win over, endear, conciliate
заставить полюбить
cause to be loved or liked.
Flora's spirit and character endeared her to everyone who met her
Patience, peace and a good heart endear you to family, friends and loved ones.
Still, she has embraced this new role in the public eye with a positive spirit that endears her, both to the viewers and to the performers with whom she works.
His love for children and affection for the sick have endeared him to all.
It goes without saying that it only endears him all the more to the fans.
She endeared herself to everyone, loved a game of cards and had a great interest in music and singing.
It is not a trait that endears Allen to neoconservatives, who regard him as intellectually vapid and ideologically bland.
Her hospitality and her love of people endeared her to all the people who booked to stay with her.
He genuinely loved his people and they loved him in return, and that is what endeared him to the people of America.
And we know that she endeared herself to everyone she met and was loved by so many in our community.
In fact, I have a feeling that what endears the place to me is its almost meticulous lack of trendy design.