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endangered / подвергать опасности
подвергать опасности
endanger, jeopardize, imperil, compromise, jeopardy, expose
имя прилагательное
(of a species) seriously at risk of extinction.
Magnolia stellata is an endangered tree species endemic to the Tokai region of central Japan.
put (someone or something) at risk or in danger.
he was driving in a manner likely to endanger life
However, that tree has now been placed on the endangered species list and can no longer be harvested.
Cloning technologies may save endangered species or even bring back extinct ones.
They have been given endangered species status under the Wildlife Protection Act.
On what basis do scientists advocate saving particular endangered species?
Increasingly, breeding animals of endangered species is among a zoo's stated objectives.
Conservation strategies for these two endangered species are proposed.
Although still carefully monitored, they have been removed from the list of endangered species.
Many studies have been devoted to the maintenance of genetic diversity of endemic or endangered island species.
The air traffic controllers with whom we now chat are fast becoming endangered species.
Essentially this is a speciality garden centre together with a variety of wildlife, mostly endangered species.