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encyclopedic / энциклопедический
имя прилагательное
encyclopedic, encyclopaedic, encyclopedical, cyclopaedic, cyclopedic, encyclopediac
имя прилагательное
comprehensive in terms of information.
he has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of food
The Ethnologue is an encyclopedic listing of the languages of the world.
His encyclopedic knowledge and expertise were coupled with an informal writing style that introduced many new readers into the mysteries of concert dance.
Over the years he developed an encyclopedic knowledge of this literature and an uncanny knack for introducing the right book to the right reader at the right time.
There is, inevitably, an interpretation in these encyclopedic materials, but it is not offered in a way that prevents readers from using the data to argue for alternative readings.
Quite obviously, no single reviewer is competent to judge the reliability of every bit of material to be found in this encyclopedic book.
The twenty-four pieces gathered here reflect voracious curiosity, wanderlust, and encyclopedic knowledge of peoples, places, rituals, and religions.
Like the intellectual adventurers of the enlightenment, they foresee that an encyclopedic compendium of the facts of nature will reveal hidden truths.
How many of you depend on at least one person at your local music store to help you select the right music for your students or who has an encyclopedic knowledge of music and where to get it?
I was present at his Northern California seminars and remember vividly the amazement of the participants at his encyclopedic knowledge of aikido techniques.
Hosts are sweet and helpful; every single server I encountered had an encyclopedic knowledge about the food at hand.