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encumber / загромождать, обременять, мешать
obstruct, encumber, lumber, jam, lumber up, choke up
burden, encumber, charge, load, saddle, embarrass
interfere, disturb, prevent, stir, interrupt, encumber
obstruct, impede, hamper, trouble, embarrass, encumber
let, prevent, hinder, impede, inhibit, encumber
restrict or burden (someone or something) in such a way that free action or movement is difficult.
she was encumbered by her heavy skirts
Why encumber us with an expensive waste contract which will not allow us the benefit of embracing new and inventive ways of looking at and dealing with waste for twenty years to come.
Mr and Mrs Davies were willing, if necessary, to encumber their house as security to assure his appearance to abide the determination by the Full Federal Court.
we tripped over sticks and stones, which encumber most of the trail
Delaying litigation can encumber our project should we forget that we also work for those we seek to protect.
The heroine is cute but her best lines are lost in hurried delivery; wooden acting and static blocking on everyone's part encumber the flat script.
Commonly, we mistake our ownership rights, or else we encumber property with titles that are difficult to understand.
The huge weight that should encumber the use of police violence, especially lethal violence, against members of the public has been lessened.
In the context of family property there are legislative restrictions on the extent to which one party can encumber it other than in the context of acquiring it.
It becomes clear why it was necessary not to encumber the reader with foreshadowing the ending too soon.
Title to allotments was held in trust by the government for twenty-five years, during which time the land could not be sold or encumbered .