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encrypt / шифровать, кодировать
encrypt, cipher, encode, codify, code, cypher
encode, code, encrypt, encipher
convert (information or data) into a cipher or code, especially to prevent unauthorized access.
The microprocessor encrypts information and provides an encrypted output which is related to the alternator electrical output.
After all, if we encrypt all the customer data, it will be protected, right?
They needed to encrypt the meaning in others’ thoughts and be assured their ideas would be perpetuated.
For the time being, don't choose to sign and encrypt all messages automatically.
I can shred my documents, encrypt all my communications, and do all sorts of paranoid things.
Specifically, encrypt using keys that have been signed and verified by people you know.
You'll see a check box that can be used to encrypt the file.
It can also allow digitally signed electronic transactions and encrypt information.
At the moment, all your emails can be snooped, and you have nothing to protect you except encryption .
Equally, any email sent with such information should be encrypted .
A private key is used to decrypt data encrypted with the corresponding public key and to create digital signatures.