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encroachment / вторжение
имя существительное
invasion, intrusion, incursion, encroachment, entry, penetration
имя существительное
intrusion on a person's territory, rights, etc..
minor encroachments on our individual liberties
a penalty in which a defensive player is positioned in the neutral zone at the start of a play.
They seem to have no answer for sustained habitat loss due to human encroachment .
Camps once built in remote rural environments are now squeezed by the encroachment of suburban sprawl.
There is clearly an encroachment into the tourist potential of Warrenpoint.
urban encroachment of habitat
The developers also plan to prohibit further land encroachment along the banks of the canal.
urban encroachment of habitat
Heritage advice prevented any encroachment beyond the original railway station alignment.
The pattern of tree encroachment was very different from the gradual encroachment identified in Transect B.
The paddy fields in Kerala have to be protected from human encroachment .
Far from harming the city, encroachment on the green belt will harm the surrounding villages.