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encouragement / поощрение, ободрение
имя существительное
promotion, encouraging, encouragement, stimulation, countenance, abetment
encouragement, encouraging, cheer
имя существительное
the action of giving someone support, confidence, or hope.
thank you for all your support and encouragement
thank you for all your support and encouragement
The stallion, already spooked and restless, did not require much encouragement .
incentives and encouragement to play sports
I enjoyed the articles so much I had to thank you for the encouragement .
Nevertheless, the developments I have just described do provide cause for encouragement .
Next, with the mayor's encouragement , the NYPD moved 300 officers to a new task force charged with stopping the attacks.
Miss Cartwright was unfortunately not the type to offer express encouragement .
thank you for all your support and encouragement
Other patients needed encouragement to call their health care providers regarding specific problems they were experiencing.
Their clients were coming to them for a mix of escape and encouragement .