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encounter / столкновение, схватка, стычка
имя существительное
collision, clash, encounter, conflict, impact, impingement
bout, scramble, encounter, skirmish, grapple, run-in
hassle, skirmish, encounter, engagement, brush, scrap
face, encounter, collide, clash, interfere, impinge
неожиданно встретить
иметь столкновение
имя существительное
an unexpected or casual meeting with someone or something.
Our casual lakeside encounters evolved into more regular meetings, dancing and dating.
unexpectedly experience or be faced with (something difficult or hostile).
we have encountered one small problem
his close encounter with death
Another defeat would have left tomorrow's home encounter with Plymouth looking ominous.
Bands we encounter on the road are always in awe of our awesome van.
They beg for money, often using bits of broken English they pick up from the occasional soldier they encounter .
My first brief encounter with the film was at a very young age.
Even if they could find the time, they often encounter another obstacle.
The last and strangest encounter occurred a couple of years ago in the Maldives.
When you encounter people who are different from you, don't judge them by how they look or act.
He was a bit of a suspicious character to encounter on the streets.
The U.S. took a major step, surviving an epic encounter with a skilled Japanese side in the quarterfinals in Adelaide.