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encore / вызов на бис
имя существительное
вызов на бис
encore, recall
требовать повторения
кричать 'бис'
имя существительное
a repeated or additional performance of an item at the end of a concert, as called for by an audience.
And then it's time for the encores and final farewells.
give or call for a repeated or additional performance of (an item) at the end of a concert.
Spice was encored three times.
called out by an audience at the end of a concert to request an additional performance.
After the first encore , the crowd made it obviously clear they wanted more.
After receiving their prizes, the winners performed an encore .
The crowd of course couldn't let it go at that and we demanded an encore .
They order a jug of sangria, watching the Argentinian who, aware of his audience's renewed interest, is now performing an encore .
The audience loved it nonetheless, applauding and demanding an encore .
After a few minutes of shouts for more, they reappear for the inevitable encore .
We are also pleased that an encore performance was requested by the public.
They are playing their second encore after some serious chanting and foot stomping.
An encore of a Galician folk song was a welcome chance to appreciate the group's many talents once again.
everybody got up on stage for the final encore