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enclosure / приложение, вложение, ограждение
имя существительное
application, annex, appendix, supplement, enclosure, addendum
investment, enclosure, inclosure
enclosure, fence, fencing, guard, protection, inclosure
имя существительное
an area that is sealed off with an artificial or natural barrier.
The Park itself has many other attractions, such as woodland walks, deer enclosures and wild boar areas.
the state of being enclosed, especially in a religious community.
the nuns kept strict enclosure
a document or object placed in an envelope together with a letter.
The letter's enclosures included documents in support of that charge.
the cemetery lay within a high walled enclosure
The two other lions have been moved to a small indoor enclosure at the zoo.
The elephants are in an enclosure surrounded by an electric fence and guards will monitor them on horseback and from speed boats.
How did we get to this point of corporate ' enclosure of the commons'?
It was a windy night, but the bowl-shaped rock formation around the area made a useful enclosure that kept the weather out.
Social stratification was pronounced in the countryside of Europe even before the enclosure movement.
Two at a time, men enter an enclosure , each holding a bird under his arm.
One option is to construct a simple hinged gate that makes up one wall of the enclosure .
a deer enclosure
The chariot had been placed in a large oval pit in the centre of a square ditched enclosure .