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enclose / заключать, окружать, прилагать
conclude, enclose, infer, include, establish, close
surround, compass, encircle, environ, enclose, envelop
apply, enclose, append, annex, inclose, tag
surround or close off on all sides.
the entire estate was enclosed with walls
place (something) in an envelope together with a letter.
I enclose a copy of the job description
I enclose a copy of the job description
Water the plants, then enclose containers in plastic bags to keep the humidity high.
I enclose a copy of the job description
The burgesses, however, refused to enclose the surrounding open fields, and overcrowding became desperate.
The ongoing liberalisation of global trade and investment is enabling international investors and transnational corporations to enclose the last of the commons.
I also enclose a copy of the Land Registry entries for your own records.
We enclose a draft Consent Order, which is based on a lump sum payment of damages.
Landowners in Winterbourne Monkton had an Act of Parliament passed in 1813 to enable them to enclose common land in the parish.
Meanwhile I enclose copies of two letters from the estate agent both dated 14 January 2000 for your information.
The garden, reflecting the Elizabethan fashion, has four courtyards enclosed by high sandstone walls.