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enclave / анклав, замкнутая группа, узкий круг
имя существительное
замкнутая группа
узкий круг
имя существительное
a portion of territory within or surrounded by a larger territory whose inhabitants are culturally or ethnically distinct.
Deep suspicions and fears continue to divide the people into ethnic enclaves .
Located in an exclusive residential enclave , the Sheraton Towers has more than 300 rooms.
Delegates at the assembly were careful to emphasise that they didn't seek independence, but a semi-autonomous enclave within a federal Iraq.
Television programs are resumed within this privileged enclave , and a semblance of normality returns within the walls of Bognor.
Within a predominantly corporate enclave , it introduces an informal, occasionally light-hearted and distinctly local emphasis.
the engineering department is traditionally a male enclave
Moving to London in 1859, he settled in Chelsea, an artists' enclave , in 1863.
He declined to give details on who the passengers were except to say they were from a nursing home in Bellaire, an upscale enclave within Houston.
the besieged Muslim enclave of Srebrenica
Planners have approved the building of 27 new homes to replace four detached houses in an exclusive leafy enclave .
the engineering department is traditionally a male enclave