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enchantress / волшебница, колдунья, чаровница
имя существительное
fairy, enchantress
witch, sorceress, enchantress, hag, sibyl, wise woman
enchantress, charmer
имя существительное
a woman who uses magic or sorcery, especially to put someone or something under a spell.
There were four ranks a person could be - witch or wizard, mage, enchanter or enchantress , and sorcerer or sorceress.
For a second after that revealing instant, the enchantress once again turned her brilliant, captivating smile toward the prince.
She is a goddess and enchantress , also daughter of the sun.
She's a raconteur, an enchantress and a dreamer.
Circe was a legendary enchantress in Greek mythology whose charms few could resist.
I started down the road toward the Enchanted Forest, and toward the despicable enchantress that was probably awaiting my arrival.
In Mary Poppins that woman is more of a female entity, somewhere between a witch and a fairy, a gifted enchantress who floats down from the skies, propelled by an open, parrot-handled black umbrella.
She had long, flowing red hair that had streaks of black in it, making her look like a combination of a tiger and an enchantress .
A Siren is a singing enchantress , part woman and part bird, who lures sailors to their doom.
It is the classic tale of a young knight who falls in love with Ondine, the female water-sprite of Scandinavian legend, an enchantress and seductress who is still capable of love.
Love was like an enchantress seducing them with its magic.