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enchanting / очаровательный, феерический, очаровывающий
имя прилагательное
charming, enchanting, fascinating, glamorous, captivating, lovely
enchanting, faery, magical, faerie, magic
enchanting, spellbinding, enamouring, enamoring
имя прилагательное
delightfully charming or attractive.
Dinah looked enchanting
fill (someone) with great delight; charm.
Isabel was enchanted with the idea
Painting was another love and he brought his artistic nature to bear on a series of beautiful paintings… including an enchanting one of Lismore Castle in County Waterford.
Caribbean cruise are your passage to an enchanting world with enthralling experiences.
I still have battered copies of all her earlier books, the most moving perhaps being French Country Cooking with its enchanting drawings and ‘must try’ recipes.
Standing on the Zhuangyuan Pavilion, you can marvel at the enchanting views of lakes and hills.
She prances in my direction, and gives Chris an engaging, enchanting smile - but he looks right through it.
And the enchanting tale of The Borrowers will be brought to life in a new spellbinding production.
Its seductive power - its enchanting spell - is the key to understanding corporate globalism.
It's an appealing, enchanting smile - the identical smile that has earned her so many wolf whistles between last year and this.
It was difficult to leave this enchanting place, and I'm sure a return visit is on the cards.
While the scenic beauty of enchanting views make the course one of the most sought after in India, it has provided the backdrop to hundreds of movies in several Indian languages.