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encase / упаковывать, класть, полностью закрывать
pack, package, pack up, incase, wrap, encase
put, place, lay, deposit, rest, encase
полностью закрывать
incase, encase
enclose or cover in a case or close-fitting surround.
It dove down and surrounded the dark energy encasing the young girl.
Dry-clean and encase cashmere and fur in plastic bags for summer
The pods that encase the edible portion of the fruits are hard and turn from brown to pink as they start ripening.
The door shut soundlessly behind me, encasing us in darkness.
Because water-saturated soil at the site has altered the lacquer, he says, the coating cracks and peels off once the warriors are removed from their soil encasements .
The book was incased in hard leather which had been stained black with blood red inscriptions.
I turned the key over in my hand and found the logo on the reverse side of the black plastic encasing the upper half.
X-ray tubes are encased in lead shields and fully protected and equipment is regularly calibrated.
I closed my eyes, unable to move, unable to speak, the very heat and darkness surrounding and encasing me.
It engulfs its prey by encasing it in a suffocating plasma-like substance.
The tuna will be encased in a fibreglass cloth and covered with resin to create a mould.