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encapsulate / инкапсулировать, заключать в капсулу, выражать в краткой форме
encapsulate, encyst
заключать в капсулу
выражать в краткой форме
enclose (something) in or as if in a capsule.
The cleanup of the asbestos will involve sealing and encapsulating the roof.
third-party vendors can encapsulate their tools to run with this software backplane
Fortunately, there are three pieces that brilliantly encapsulate the Pleasure Dome experience.
There are typically iSCSI stacks on both ends of a storage network configuration that encapsulate SCSI block commands into Ethernet packets for transmission over the IP network.
RTP is a user-level protocol that provides a way to encapsulate data into packets time-stamped with enough information to allow the proper playback of audio.
There is a lovely simplicity about those five words; it would be almost impossible to encapsulate the aims of a great broadcasting organisation with more precision.
the company would encapsulate the asbestos waste in concrete pellets
Particularly since each piece has been expertly selected to encapsulate the essence of its creator.
These conveniently handle all of the JDBC interaction for me and cleanly encapsulate all the database queries my application has to perform.
The crux of our submission in response, I suppose, is encapsulated in paragraph 20 of our written submissions.
OpenSSH and Stunnel provide handy point solutions when encapsulating more than a few specific applications is overkill.