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encampment / лагерь, место лагеря, расположение лагерем
имя существительное
camp, encampment, campground
место лагеря
расположение лагерем
encampment, encamping
имя существительное
a place with temporary accommodations consisting of huts or tents, typically for troops or nomads.
They have remained committed for over a decade, despite the permanent encampment of 20,000 troops surrounding them.
Dinner is at an ancient outdoor Bedouin encampment .
A staggering 25 tonnes of rubbish and building rubble was left behind after the four day encampment on the main car park at Pennington Flash Country Park.
The full moon slowly rises, orange-red above the Georgia forest, illuminating a small encampment of tents and camouflage.
a Bedouin encampment
We're going to shift north to avoid an enemy encampment .
It was Faouzi's idea to stop within sight of a nomad encampment on the way home.
Several government bodies are major landowners and their land may be subject to unauthorised encampment - examples include the Forestry Commission and the Highways Agency.
Together, William and the king, Jonathan, walked through the army encampment .
Finally, the young warrior came to the clearing in the woods that was their temporary encampment .
The soldiers have setup a battlefield encampment that sends injured soldiers through a five-step process.