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encamp / располагаться, располагаться лагерем, располагать лагерем
settle, encamp
располагаться лагерем
camp, encamp, pitch, outspan
располагать лагерем
settle in or establish a camp, especially a military one.
we encamped for the night by the side of a river
But then, on the afternoon of the fifteenth, he came to the Assembly in person to declare that he was ordering the army encamped around Paris to disperse.
When the Army of the Southwest first encamped at Helena, typhoid cases increased because of the great number of people available who had not been exposed to the disease.
Standing on top of the battlements of the besieged city of Cardwell, Raven carefully took stock of the enemy armies encamped outside the stout Roman walls that had kept the besiegers at bay for almost a year.
James's army, encamped near the Boyne river, was further reinforced by additional French contingents.
When they encamped on the hill they made no attempt to fortify it.
During training, he spends most of his time watching the Russian prisoners encamped next to the training camp.
Cindy and I also spent a night encamped at the beautiful Royal Natal National Park camping site.
Many times in our past we have seen enemy fleets in the channel and enemy armies encamped in the continental ports.
The main army moved out on 6 June and encamped before Jerusalem on the 7th.
There they were, soldiers encamped among the grasses.