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enact / вводить в действие, предписывать, постановлять
вводить в действие
enact, bring into being
prescribe, enjoin, ordain, order, dictate, enact
decide, enact, decree, rule
make (a bill or other proposal) law.
legislation was enacted in 1987 to attract international companies
act out (a role or play) on stage.
When the children performed, enacting the various plays on stage, their disability was hardly on their mind.
The French Revolution was an attempt to enact his ideas.
Lumber company and government employees were more likely to enact recommendations that were convenient and cheap.
Whereas a legislator must check his impulse to enact his religious precepts into law, an executive official faces a somewhat different problem.
Without understanding why, she allowed herself to enact the strange thought.
We may still, as a rule, like to believe in marriage, but the reality is that we are increasingly choosing not to enact that belief.
He had urged the immediate creation of the national intelligence post and promised that if elected he would enact the commission's recommendations by executive fiat.
Thus, she argues, Plath's poems enact a theatrical performance rather than a sincere expression of mourning.
We needed time to enact the recommendations of the royal commission.
Because real people formulate and enact political ideas, it is often easy to locate the supposed evil of a given idea in its human agent.
Travelling drama groups visited different communities to enact short plays about gender violence.