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enable / разрешать, давать возможность, делать возможным
allow, authorize, resolve, permit, solve, enable
давать возможность
enable, permit, let, empower
делать возможным
allow, enable, potentiate
give (someone or something) the authority or means to do something.
the evidence would enable us to arrive at firm conclusions
make (a device or system) operational; activate.
Yet service providers are relatively constrained when it comes to enabling Ethernet services.
Their new home will have specially adapted rooms built to enable Phoebe to live as full a life as possible.
The merger would enable all the students in Swindon to be taught under one umbrella.
New methods enable fast, accurate identification of potential problems in clinical performance - and areas of high achievement.
What really irks me, though, is having to manually enable all these high-tech marvels.
Many courses now enable students to travel abroad in order to familiarise themselves with different perspectives on world history.
Surely the point of having a personal blog is to enable people to read the author's work?
you can enable compression or even virus scanning prior to backup
the Department is leading the effort to enable a smooth and timely transition
He said the grant would now enable the church to apply to other charities for money.
She says they are sending her a letter of authority to enable her to accompany the deceased back to China.