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emulate / подражать, соперничать, следовать примеру
imitate, mimic, emulate, copy, ape, counterfeit
rival, contend, vie, emulate, war
следовать примеру
follow the lead of, emulate, pattern, be in the track of, tread in steps
match or surpass (a person or achievement), typically by imitation.
lesser men trying to emulate his greatness
At this stage, though, Murray is motivated not by money, just a desire to emulate Tim Henman's notable achievements.
Do you have any comment for the critics who claim you're just trying to emulate Jackson's startling success?
Amanda talks about how she wishes Tom would emulate his father in only one respect: his attention to personal appearance.
most rulers wished to emulate Alexander the Great
He decided to emulate Dave and write some of his own material.
Among the many factors which have driven him, one has been his wish to emulate his grandfather.
The chief executive would be more than happy if they can emulate that achievement this year but knows they can take nothing for granted.
He is hoping to emulate his achievement of last season by staying in the team for the rest of the campaign.
So the new online courses take the best of what we know works in a classroom, and tries to emulate that or simulate that in the online environment.
My ambition from the time I can remember was to emulate what he did.