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empty-headed / пустоголовый, бездумный, невежественный
имя прилагательное
empty-headed, rattle-brained, idle-headed, addle-headed, addle-brained, addle-pated
unthinking, harebrained, unreflecting, feckless, incogitant, empty-headed
ignorant, unintelligent, untaught, rude, empty-headed
имя прилагательное
unintelligent and foolish.
why did they promote that empty-headed man?
As vacant as the empty picture frames that adorn its set, this is an empty-headed attempt at romantic comedy.
For much of the play, the kidnappers, and the student rebels to a lesser degree, are portrayed as empty-headed buffoons.
I have been around them enough to know that your mother is a manipulative gossip, and your sisters are empty-headed and vapid.
If you utter your opinions in public, you will set half the country against you; if you utter no opinions at all, you will be scoffed at as empty-headed .
If you're a shy, sensitive person, you could be branded as suffering from avoidant personality disorder, while the empty-headed extrovert in the next office is seen as a model of mental fitness.
In many games on the market today, women are portrayed as empty-headed bimbos that need saving, all the while wearing little more than a handkerchief.
A more useless, empty-headed crowd of saddos I've seldom, if ever, met.
In the midst of all this pathetic, empty-headed and incredibly dull nonsense, I offer you some photos I took late on Christmas Eve.
Ace had this sort of stupid, empty-headed look on his face.
He wasn't really surprised, since he had quickly come to the realization that most of his class was composed of ditzy, empty-headed folk.