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empty-handed / ни с чем
ни с чем
имя прилагательное
с пустыми руками
light-handed, empty-handed
имя прилагательное
having failed to obtain or achieve what one wanted.
the burglars fled empty-handed
I may not have won a prize, but I took enough pictures to ensure I didn't come home completely empty-handed .
As has as often been told, however, the soldiers could not catch their quarry and returned empty-handed .
And if we had come out empty-handed it would not have been a very good thing.
But they left empty-handed after failing to break through the side of the shop.
No-one who enters this year's competition will go away empty-handed .
They fled empty-handed , unable to get past the reinforced screens which have been put up following previous attacks.
The men ran away across the car park and made their escape empty-handed .
The unnamed woman lost no money in the incident because the mugger fled empty-handed , but she was left bruised and nervous.
One of the tricksters managed to get into the couple's home, before leaving shortly afterwards empty-handed .
Hall, who took up the sport competitively only five years ago, did not leave the championships empty-handed .