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empress / императрица
имя существительное
имя существительное
a female emperor.
Constitutional changes to permit a female empress may thus trigger dangerous public debate about the need for a monarchy.
The emperor and empress met the Malaysian royal couple during a visit to Malaysia in 1970.
Disraeli seized the chance to buy a controlling interest in the Suez canal, he sent the flamboyant Lytton to India as viceroy, and his 1876 Royal Titles Act proclaimed Victoria empress of India.
The emperor and empress earlier in the day met with the king, who has been discharged from the hospital.
The centerpiece depicts the empress enthroned under a baldachin and surrounded by figures of Hercules, Minerva, Mars, and other gods celebrating her military achievements.
It became clear to the factory leadership that neither the emperor nor the empress were interested in copies on porcelain of paintings in the Hermitage.
There were many rumors that she was going to be the future empress of Austria.
She began receiving years of private instruction to assist her in her role as the future empress .
The empress dowager looked up, the tears beginning to course down those flawless cheeks.
They had to sneak into the capital and find a way into the empress 's fortress.
The emperor and the empress eased themselves into their silk-cushioned thrones.