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emporium / торговый центр, рынок, универмаг
имя существительное
торговый центр
shopping center, shopping mall, emporium, shopping precinct, mart
market, mart, emporium, rialto
department store, store, emporium
имя существительное
a large retail store selling a wide variety of goods.
Take the site of the Sogo Department Store, a high-end emporium that once sold everything from elegant kimonos to shockingly expensive packets of dried seaweed.
This is an emporium dedicated to teeth, selling everything from ergonomically designed toothbrushes to designer pastes and molar-shaped clocks.
Edged by marble columns, the marble-floored space in the bank will retain some of the features of its banking past - the counters in the centre will remain, to be incorporated into the emporium .
Charlie is a man from another village with a grudge against the super video emporium that has put him out of business.
One emporium visited seemed to sell every conceivable kind and color of cowboy boot.
When it was finished Marsh's store was obviously going to be a fine emporium .
the world-famous food emporium
For what looks like a hot dog stand is in fact an oatmeal emporium offering the fast food fan a choice of eight different recipes.
The only thing I can recall signing up for that was based in Chicago was many years ago when as a treat for a friend, I ordered some hot dogs from Fluky's, a famous Chicago frankfurter emporium .
You are still rubbing your eyes with wonderment and disbelief when the plane lands and you are welcomed into an airport emporium where hundreds of shops seduce you with designer bags, watches and one-kilogram bars of solid gold.
This particular BBQ emporium also boasts a large bar and plenty of wall-mounted televisions always tuned into ‘the’ game.