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employment / работа, использование, применение
имя существительное
working, work, job, operation, labor, employment
using, use, utilization, employment, applying, enjoyment
use, application, applying, employment, practice, appliance
имя существительное
the condition of having paid work.
a fall in the numbers in full-time employment
Reasonableness may also require the employer to offer suitable alternative employment if appropriate.
employment of staff
Apparently, I had a tax liability relating to my second period of employment with this employer.
But does this responsibility not also extend to parents in paid employment ?
And with these openings come employment opportunities for school leavers.
We laughed as I recalled my first week of employment in the industry.
The husband argues that the wife has had sufficient time to secure meaningful full time employment .
a fall in the numbers in full-time employment
The course was specifically aimed at individuals with a genuine interest in securing full-time employment in the retail sector.
There was also a positive change in employment of young people below 30 registered over the month.