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employer / работодатель, наниматель, предприниматель
имя существительное
employer, hirer
employer, tenant, hirer
entrepreneur, employer, industrialist, undertaker, manufacturer, boss
имя существительное
a person or organization that employs people.
In any free market employers are forced to compete for the services of their employees.
The largest local employer is the state government.
the National Health Service was the largest employer in Europe
You can also sue your former employer for discrimination and other unfair practices that violate company policy.
But he is finding it impossible to find an employer willing to take him on as an apprentice.
They're already the second largest private sector employer in the state of California.
The embroidery industry is a major employer of female workers.
The car industry was a core employer of manufacturing labour, particularly the post-war influx of non-English-speaking migrant workers.
A woman who was sacked after returning from maternity leave is suing her former employer for sex discrimination.
The biggest single employer in the mid west region is to shed 150 jobs amid fears further cuts will follow.
The act obliges employers to identify and safeguard against all risks to health and safety.