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empiric / эмпирический, основанный на опыте
имя прилагательное
empirical, experiential, empiric
основанный на опыте
experiential, empirical, empiric, experimental, customary, a posteriori
имя существительное
empiricist, empiric
имя существительное
a person who, in medicine or other branches of science, relies solely on observation and experiment.
Whereas there is plenty of information on empirics , because of the licensing regime, folk healers occupy a very small place in the medical and police archives of the time.
In patients with recurrent kidney stones, empiric therapy and the modified simple metabolic evaluation were equally the most cost-effective strategies.
Choice of agents for empiric therapy should be determined by the patient's age and the presence of predisposing conditions, and should assume antimicrobial resistance.
The physician should remember this subconscious need when experiencing the urge to try yet another empiric treatment.
Nevertheless, empiric evidence suggests that balance programs, such as repeatedly standing on one leg, can improve stability and decrease the risk of falls.
Trial of treatment - empiric therapy for the most likely cause - may be preferable to extensive investigation because it may provide relief and diagnosis simultaneously.
When evaluating a patient whose cough has been present for at least eight weeks, a systematic evaluation to assess the most common causes followed by a trial of empiric therapy is recommended.
However, although this relationship has been described based on empiric data, there are no mathematical models in the literature relating number of antibiotics used to probability of adequate coverage.
Travelers should consult a physician if the diarrhea is severe and does not respond to empiric therapy.
In such families empiric data suggests that the risk of recurrence is approximately 15%.
Unfortunately, we have little empiric evidence that demonstrates the profound effect that it can have on altering physician practice patterns.