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emphysema / эмфизема
имя существительное
имя существительное
a condition in which the air sacs of the lungs are damaged and enlarged, causing breathlessness.
Remember asthma affects the lung tubes primarily and emphysema the air sacs.
a condition in which air is abnormally present within the body tissues.
Our patient presented with mild dyspnea and dysphonia and demonstrated subcutaneous emphysema and Hamman's sign.
As adults, we know that smoking leads to life-threatening illnesses such as heart disease, emphysema and lung cancer.
Reports at this meeting showed convincingly that chronic tobacco smoke exposure produces emphysema in mice.
Tachycardia may be present, as well as subcutaneous emphysema .
But in emphysema patients, some lung tissue loses its elasticity.
If you have emphysema , your air sacs are damaged, and the smallest bronchial tubes collapse.
smoking can lead to serious lung diseases such as emphysema
Sometimes people with a chronic lung disease such as emphysema or bronchitis can take beta blockers.
Chest computed tomography showed giant lung bullae and severe upper lobe emphysema .
Other important causes of shortness of breath are asthma, emphysema , pneumonia, and clots to the lung.
Visit any ward full of lung cancer and emphysema patients fighting for breath.