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emotive / эмоциональный, волнующий, возбуждающий
имя прилагательное
emotional, emotive, affective, soulful
exciting, worrying, thrilling, moving, stirring, emotive
exciting, excitatory, aphrodisiac, stimulant, energizing, emotive
имя прилагательное
arousing or able to arouse intense feeling.
animal experimentation is an emotive subject
I believe the emotive issues will prove most important in the long run.
It is a problematic and emotive issue as it relates to the most vulnerable and marginalised group in any society: children.
The presence of women in the armed services is an emotive subject.
The result is also meaningless as an emotive response to a complex problem.
Susan has a whimsical, descriptive and deeply emotive writing style.
Money of course is a highly emotive subject, and often people allow their emotions to cloud their better judgement.
When a subject becomes as emotive as this one, then people will believe what they want to believe.
Urgent, thorough debate is needed on this very emotive subject, but the right people must be involved in that debate.
Tabloid newspapers also favour emotive words over objective descriptions of events.
I knew how emotive and personal a subject it was and, therefore, my goal has been to question not to judge.