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emolument / вознаграждение, жалованье, доход
имя существительное
reward, remuneration, fee, compensation, payment, emolument
salary, pay, stipend, compensation, fee, emolument
income, revenue, earnings, proceeds, profit, emolument
имя существительное
a salary, fee, or profit from employment or office.
the directors' emoluments
The reference to emoluments has been misunderstood as four times salary, when in fact it's much more.
Remuneration as per the income tax act includes among other, any salary, leave pay, allowance, wage, overtime pay, bonus, gratuity, commission, fee, emoluments or pension.
The Chairman accepted my plea and ordered the deduction of daily allowance from my emoluments .
Let the police deal with crime, that is why taxpayers provide their salaries and emoluments .
Pensionable Salary is defined under the said Rules as basic salary or wages together with (inter alia) any fluctuating emoluments received during the previous Scheme Year.
As an employer, you will have a responsibility to provide details of benefits, noncash emoluments and payments not subjected to tax.
Regulation 4 applies where a person to whom Regulation 3 applies suffers a reduction in emoluments in employment by reason of the injury or disease.
Directors emoluments for the year were €132,150.
He said growth was only boosted by a significant expansion in government value added, resulting mainly from increased personnel emoluments due to the recent increases in the salaries of civil servants.
In this context remuneration means basic pay for the year in question plus the average of any fluctuating emoluments (eg bonuses, overtime payments, profits from share options) over a suitable period - usually three years or more