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emmy / emmy
имя существительное
a statuette awarded annually to an outstanding television program or performer.
His work has received countless awards, including eight Emmys .
His collaborations were honoured with many Bafta, RTS and Emmy nominations and awards.
an Emmy award
There she served as executive producer for a number of co-productions with partners, including the BBC, and won three international Emmys .
If there's been anything predictable about the Emmys recently, it's that they're not always predictable.
This year, a satirical chat show, The Daily Show, with Jon Stewart, was awarded two Emmys .
His work has received countless awards, including eight Emmys .
The show has earned 12 Emmys , one for Outstanding Comedy Series.
It's won four Emmys for outstanding drama series and it's weighing in with about eight million viewers this season.
He holds court behind his large desk, surrounded by his many Emmys .
Currently nominated for four Emmys , the program has won 17 Emmy Awards and has been nominated for 85 since its debut.