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emitter / эмиттер
  • laser emitter - лазерный излучатель
источник выбросов
emission source
имя существительное
a machine, device, etc., that emits something.
Since the goal in most developed countries is less carbon than is now emitted, emitters will have to cut back their emissions or buy the rights to emit from someone else.
Some kind of unimaginable chemical reaction would take the natural sweat produced by us all and turn it into an emitter of light.
The current passes from the emitter to the collector through the base.
Industrial emissions can be monitored by placing the emitter and receiver opposite each other inside the chimney stack so that the light path crosses the internal diameter of the stack.
The first and second collector regions are spaced apart from the emitter .
The light-emitting carbon nanotubes represent the first electrically controlled single-molecule light emitter ever constructed.
A buried N - base region is implanted in the substrate under the emitter region.
the country's largest emitter of airborne toxins
A common emitter of negative beta particles is carbon-14, the radioactive isotope of carbon that is found in all living plants and animals.
In these devices, the emitter and collector are both a p-type semiconductor material and the base is n-type.
The present invention maintains a thermal separation between an emitter and a collector through a fractional surface contact of decreasing cross-sectional area towards the point of contact.