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emit / излучать, испускать, выделять
radiate, emit, emanate, beam, irradiate, ray
emit, give off, send out, emanate, send forth, pass
emit, distinguish, give out, secrete, set off, exhale
produce and discharge (something, especially gas or radiation).
coal-fired power stations continue to emit large quantities of sulfur dioxide
The neutron bombardment transforms certain isotopes of the elements into radioactive species which then emit gamma rays.
At a synchrotron radiation source, electrons emit radiation as they are guided by magnets around a storage ring.
The headphones emit a sound that cancels out airplane noise.
As part of their normal operations, nuclear reactors routinely emit radioactive gases and particles into the air.
And if they did spiral in, electrons would emit electromagnetic radiation, including light, across a continuous range of frequencies.
Basically when a polished plate is exposed to electromagnetic radiation, it may emit electrons.
the atoms emit energy
even the best cars emit carbon dioxide
As I tried jumping out of my bed, I heard myself emit a similar sound; was I in pain too?
The fur will begin to twitch toward them and emit crackling sounds.