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emir / эмир
имя существительное
emir, amir, ameer
имя существительное
a title of various Muslim (mainly Arab) rulers.
the emir of Kuwait
To this end emir after emir expanded and embellished the great mosque.
A few weeks ago he sought to persuade the emir of Qatar to close it down, without success.
In 1999, the emir of Kuwait dissolved parliament and, along with a variety of other liberalizing measures, sought to grant women the right to vote by decree.
People are not happy with what is going on, but they are keeping quiet as a sign of respect to the emir and his crown prince.
The emir must sanction laws passed by parliament, and parliament must approve government ministers appointed by the emir .
the emir of Kuwait
A hundred Mameluks under the command of an emir entered the castle to oversee the transfer.
The government, which is headed by the emir , is composed of ministers appointed by him, many of whom are drawn from the extended royal family and educated in the West.
This evocative film brings to life a time when emirs and caliphs dominated Spain and Sicily and Islamic scholarship swept into the major cities of Europe.
Not all the Muslims were so generous, and other Christians were tricked and blackmailed by various emirs , but Saladin's behavior was recognized by both the Muslim and Christian world as an act of great generosity.