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eminence / возвышение, преосвященство, высокопреосвященство
имя существительное
elevation, hill, rise, exaltation, dais, eminence
eminence, eminency, pontificate
eminence, eminency
имя существительное
fame or recognized superiority, especially within a particular sphere or profession.
her eminence in cinematography
a piece of rising ground.
an eminence commanding the River Emme
And when eventually he realised the nature of the complaint, his defence fell back on the eminence of the good Sir Richard.
Upriver loomed the rocky eminence of Nephin Mountain.
her eminence in cinematography
The Edinburgh operation is in a very healthy situation, we are encountering very significant growth, and we can build on our core talents to operate from a position of eminence and strength in these competitive markets.
an eminence commanding the River Emme
This is especially so if the expert is a man of great eminence and therefore likely to be respected, effective and persuasive.
To achieve such eminence , there are doubtless various devices and elements in a novel which are more or less compulsory: crime fiction has to have a crime, for example.
She is also renowned for the eminence of her contacts.
The two gentlemen enjoy a philosophic view of the early morning landscape from a neighbouring eminence , Mazard Hill.
The neurohypophysis proper comprises the median eminence of the tuber cinereum, the infundibulum, the pituitary stalk, and the posterior or neural lobe of the pituitary gland.