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emigrate / эмигрировать, переселяться, переезжать
emigrate, expatriate, expat
move, resettle, migrate, emigrate, transmigrate, flit
move, cross, leave, move about, pass, emigrate
leave one's own country in order to settle permanently in another.
Rosa's parents emigrated from Argentina
Many citizens with higher education were trained abroad and they often emigrate permanently.
In the late 1800s east European Jews emigrating to the USA brought the bagel with them.
They collaborated on three plays and a travel book before emigrating to America together in January 1939.
There can hardly be a family in Ireland which did not lose sons or daughters to emigration during the 1950s.
For the past five years we have had 150,000 or so more people immigrating each year than emigrating .
Famine and disease had ravished and dispirited the people and emigration had drained the land of most of its youth.
They performed from an early age, impressing audiences in the north west before emigrating to Australia in 1958.
First, skilled workers are legally emigrating , temporarily or permanently, to rich countries.
The brothers were born on the Isle of Man and moved to Manchester in the 1950s, before emigrating to Australia in 1958.
She studied with Preobrajenska as a child in Paris, where her parents settled after emigrating from Russia.