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emery / наждак, корунд
имя существительное
emery, abrasive, glass dust
corundum, emery
имя существительное
a grayish-black mixture of corundum and magnetite, used in powdered form as an abrasive.
These included quartz, garnet and emery which were mixed with water to make a slurry and applied with rotary tools, such as wheels and drills, as well as non-rotary files.
With these first impressions, I work back into the plate with a scraper, burnisher and emery paper to enhance the lights and accent the motif.
With steel wool, emery cloth or a wire brush remove all loose peeling paint and rust.
If you haven't got access to a grinder then a smooth file and emery will actually do a better job even if it does take much longer.
It is done by hand, using a lathe to spin the barrel and a skilled touch with fine emery paper to polish the barrel to fit the bushing.
emery paper
However, it does give the reader a geologic framework for such well-known localities as the Chester emery mines.
With emery cloth, lightly rub each contact point to remove rust.
Use a scraper, wire brush, or coarse emery cloth to remove any bubbled paint finish and loose rust.
emery paper
Use the emery cloth and clean the end of the pipe and the inside socket on the other piece.