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emend / исправлять, изменять
correct, fix, mend, rectify, repair, emend
change, vary, betray, alter, transform, emend
make corrections and improvements to (a text).
The first were the scabini, officials with specific juridical competence, the second were the iudices, responsible for reproducing and emending juridical texts, and finally the custodians of the lay archives.
It did not seem necessary to emend the satires (‘I Want a Writing Director,’ 1992; ‘Initiation Rites, Initiation Rights,’ 1991) as long as the conditions they addressed hadn't changed-and alas, they hadn't.
Many modern editions, including the Oxford, take the view that the novel in part derives from the play, and use it to emend the defective quarto text.
Leslie emended the diagnosis of Belodina compressa, and provided detailed descriptions and discussion.
Recognition of a separate gastroplitinid genus, Pseudogastroplites, is here maintained, but its diagnosis is emended .
It is our opinion that the taxa retained within the superfamily Glypheoidea may be incorporated into the infraorder Astacidea by emending the definition of the infraorder to include sub - to pseudochelate forms.
In 1944 Harold playfully anticipated the problem when, having emended some of Jim's manuscript verse, he added as a consolation: ‘only Ern Malley could write like a genius all the time’.
It is clear, however, that Mamet and Pinard's diagnosis of the protonodosariid wall as a microgranular tectum must be emended .
Within individual poems the meditative voice can operate dialectically, considering a position and then emending it, but the position of poems in sequence also constitutes a dialectic, an on-going conversation.
The emender changed the original a to e, though the e is still partially visible.
This arrangement was followed by Whittington in the Treatise, but was emended in 1963.