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emcee / ведущий, конферансье
имя существительное
host, leader, emcee, narrator, master of ceremonies, compere
entertainer, compere, master of ceremonies, emcee
имя существительное
a master of ceremonies.
There will be an emcee to conduct quizzes and give away prizes and freebies.
perform the role of a master of ceremonies at (a public entertainment or a large social occasion).
Diamond Dave ably emceed the party and entertained all throughout.
After a short stint as an emcee of ‘Earn Your Vacation,’ Carson got his own half-hour comedy show, called ‘The Johnny Carson Show.’
Bill Irwin is a masterful comedian, a world-class mime, and a witty emcee .
a tuxedoed emcee strode to the middle of the stage
Sunday I emcee another concert at Orchestra Hall, and I will put on the black uniform as usual.
Television personality Star Jones served as emcee for the evening.
Deco Drive's colorful Daisy Deadpetals will emcee the fashion event.
Sunday night I have to emcee a concert at Orchestra Hall, which is fun, in a terrifying sort of way; nothing I do quite equals the paralyzing moment of walking on stage and seeing that vast auditorium filled to the rafters.
Lana arrives downstairs just as the emcee introduces Dr. Yolanda Jones.
After the drivers were introduced by a traveling emcee called ‘The Motor Mouth,’ an invocation and the national anthem, cars left at one-minute intervals to cheers from the crowd.
CBC radio announcer Katherine Duncan will emcee the event, which is put on by the the Book Publishers Association and the Writers Guild of Alberta.