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embroider / вышивать, расшивать, приукрашивать
embroider, stitch, work, tambour
embellish, gloss over, sugar-coat, embroider, flatter, smarten
decorate (cloth) by sewing patterns on it with thread.
she had already embroidered a dozen little nighties for the babies
add fictitious or exaggerated details to (an account) to make it more interesting.
she embroidered her stories with colorful detail
Historical, psychological and spiritual themes embroider the simple ghost story and contribute poignance and depth to what would amount to little more than a campfire tale in terms of plot.
Unfortunately, Sewing Mistress made me embroider them, so they look funny, for who ever saw sturdy slippers with bluebirds and flowers on them?
After a certain amount of time they have very little new or interesting to add and there is a temptation to embroider .
I began to embroider an intricate design of Sweden's mountains during sunrise.
For the best results aligning the designs over seams, embroider a sample of the chosen design with black thread on white fabric that is the same or a similar weight and texture as the project fabric.
He didn't actually call for Colless's head but he did embroider the story with enough venom for his followers to take up the cudgel.
Francis creates her work using fabric, scissors and a sewing machine to embroider collages into images.
she was teaching one of the girls how to embroider
Lang biographers recall that the director often referred to this discussion in later life and liked to embroider some of the details.
she was teaching the girls how to embroider