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embrasure / амбразура, бойница, проем в стене
имя существительное
embrasure, porthole, loophole, crenel, splay, port
loophole, embrasure
проем в стене
имя существительное
a small opening in a parapet of a fortified building, splayed on the inside.
Guns usually stood on a flat terreplein, shooting over a wide earth parapet which was intended to absorb incoming fire, although they might also fire through splayed embrasures , or be housed in vaulted casemates on a lower storey.
Then if each embrasure is exactly eleven bricks wide and each pier is exactly four bricks wide, these give dimensions very close to those obtained in the reconstructions.
A young woman sat in an embrasure on one of the highest parapets overlooking the moat of the castle.
I propped the M16 on a sandbag in the embrasure in front of me and squinted through the scope.
The other bank of the stream was open ground - a gentle slope topped with a stockade of vertical tree trunks, loopholed for rifles, with a single embrasure through which protruded the muzzle of a brass cannon commanding the bridge.
A wet shot is unignited fuel squirted through a window or embrasure ; a dry one is burning fuel.
Six steps, alternately black and white, vertically elongated, extend up into the sky, the upper surfaces broken by slits that suggest embrasures .
Abruptly he stops and slaps his hand against one of the mossy embrasures - the gaps in the turreted wall through which medieval archers would have shot at attacking armies.
The three German seaward embrasured emplacements are partly built into and against the fort.
High fortress walls with embrasures surrounded the town.
He endorsed the construction of works with high stone or brick walls, the guns arranged in multilevel tiers of internal chambers called casemates, and firing done through iron-shuttered embrasures piercing the facade.