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emboss / выбивать, чеканить, тиснить
knock out, beat, beat out, punch out, emboss, dislodge
mint, coin, emboss, stamp, strike, caulk
carve, mold, or stamp a design on (a surface) so that it stands out in relief.
an embossed brass dish
The book is well-made, with an Illinois farmhouse embossed on the cover.
The museum, closed since 1991, retains emblems of the Communist era, such as the hammer-and-sickle patterns and profiles of Lenin that are embossed on the interior moldings of the galleries.
The overly ornate and silver embossed font for the title and author name is ugly and overblown.
Gather one or more of the following embossers (or discover your own alternatives) to create a design.
The showstopper, a nearly 8-foot nude self-portrait, is overlaid with a sparse array of embossed , lozenge-shaped leaves impressed from both the front and back of the paper.
Balancing the tree is a slanting cenotaph, stamped W. W.3 GENERAL, with a log cabin embossed on its base.
The front cover was embossed with a rose, and the details seemed to be as delicate as the rose now hanging from my neck.
The body of this flagon, originally one of a pair is embossed with flowers and leaves populated by a leaping unicorn and a wild boar with its young.
Upon payment of the required amount of stamp duty, the blank paper was embossed with a red stamp, ornately engraved with the rose and thistle emblem of Queen Anne.
He has a dizzying array of possessions that carry his initials embossed on them.