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embolden / взбодрить, поощрять, ободрять
encourage, promote, foster, stimulate, countenance, embolden
encourage, cheer, embolden, cheer up, give encouragement, hearten
give (someone) the courage or confidence to do something or to behave in a certain way.
emboldened by robust passenger traffic, the airlines put through major fare increases
cause (a piece of text) to appear in a bold typeface.
center, embolden, and underline the heading
centre, embolden, and underline the heading
center, embolden, and underline the heading
A simple rule prevails here: The success of terrorists in one part of the terror network emboldens terrorists throughout the network.
In general, liberation makes sacrifice worthwhile, makes you forget whatever doubts you had about the undertaking, and emboldens you to try other hard and risky endeavors.
The good-bye was difficult for Alice, but she was emboldened by the righteousness of the Southern cause.
Grace lifts us, inspires us, frees us and emboldens us to serve God.
We forget how often in history a perceived stumble or the half-measure only emboldens enemies to try what they otherwise would not.
I'm emboldened by Josh's response, and surprised that I've survived yet another workshop in one piece.
It emboldens you to do things you wouldn't do on your own.
Withdrawing under fire emboldens our enemies.