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embody / воплощать, включать, олицетворять
incarnate, embody, personify, epitomize, externalize, objectify
include, turn on, switch on, comprise, involve, embody
represent, personalize, personify, embody, impersonate, incarnate
be an expression of or give a tangible or visible form to (an idea, quality, or feeling).
a team that embodies competitive spirit and skill
include or contain (something) as a constituent part.
the changes in law embodied in the Freedom of Information Act
form (people) into a body, especially for military purposes.
We want figures who embody our feelings, represent a wise assimilation and a thoughtful new political response.
Models can also be called upon to embody moods or ideas.
And it makes sense, too, as other cultures (Arabic and Chinese come to mind) have used symbols and words that embody an idea or state of being for ages.
The power of the Messiah/Kingdom Embodier is revealed in healings.
Despite their imposing title, they were not embodied in any constitutional document and were never formally written down.
You just want to say: shut up and let me decide for myself whether, for instance, the Jewish Museum in Berlin embodies these feelings of terror and anguish or not.
Their latest album, the award winning ‘The Simplest Plans’ has earned them a large fan base and a reputation for embodying the spirit of ‘Americana’ music.
In this particular case, the parties agreed, and it was embodied in the order of April 11, 2001, that neither would seek interim child support from the other.
Social hierarchy cannot and does not exist without being embodied in meanings and expressed in communications.
How, specifically, were these ideas embodied in the books themselves?