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emblem / эмблема, символ
имя существительное
emblem, insignia, symbol, device, ensign, blazon
symbol, character, letter, sign, emblem, type
symbolize, represent, stand for, emblematize, emblem, image
имя существительное
a heraldic device or symbolic object as a distinctive badge of a nation, organization, or family.
America's national emblem, the bald eagle
Our symbol of freedom becomes an emblem of our slavery to an insane idea.
Our national emblem should be not the Lion Rampant but the mole.
He is struck by the fact that this great emblem of romantic love is one, not of intimacy, but rather of separation.
It's that evil emblem of capitalism the socialists so bravely battled.
He gave it to her so he'd always be with her as an emblem of their love.
Around his neck hangs an emblem of Hanuman the monkey god, emblem of strength, inherited from his father.
Australian doctors were among the first to shed this emblem of the profession.
The ancient emblem for the nation was a lion holding a scimitar against a rising sun.
our child would be a dazzling emblem of our love
A coat of arms is usually defined as a design on a shield used as an emblem by a family, city, or institution.