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emblazon / превозносить, славить, расписывать герб
exalt, praise, extol, glorify, laud, emblazon
laud, emblazon, carol
расписывать герб
conspicuously inscribe or display (a design) on something.
T-shirts emblazoned with the names of baseball teams
This is shown by its serving the hierarchies of many disparate cultures in their heraldry, emblazonments , and their signals of rank and allegiance.
It occurs to me that I never shared with the group the new emblazonment of my arms that I completed.
You might have already seen it, a gleaming new car emblazoned with Knights logos driving around the district.
Easy to spot, the new buses sport distinctive purple livery and are emblazoned with The Deep logo, setting them apart from other city bus services.
And Keighley Town Council last week agreed to spend £750 to help buy two new kits, which will be emblazoned with its logo.
Both were emblazoned with an intricate design.
Another enthusiast is lurking on one of the platforms, wearing a quilted jacked emblazoned with an Express logo.
The eco friendly bag is emblazoned with the Westport Tourism logo and is designed to help promote the town.
It didn't have any identification on it, unlike most satellites which were emblazoned with the logos of their proprietors.
They were all dressed in the trademark tracksuit and baseball cap, emblazoned with sportswear logos etc. - the sort you can see here any day of the week.