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embezzle / присваивать, растрачивать
assign, appropriate, confer, arrogate, assume, embezzle
squander, dissipate, embezzle, eat into, misappropriate, dilapidate
steal or misappropriate (money placed in one's trust or belonging to the organization for which one works).
she had embezzled $5,600,000 in company funds
Bolanos said his two predecessors had motivated the legislature to impeach him because he would not allow them to embezzle government money.
You may, possibly, seduce their wives, embezzle their money, and steal their parking space, without so much as a murmur of reproof.
If not closely monitored, they will embezzle aid money and misappropriate resources provided by the coalition.
They lie to friends, they steal, they have delinquent behaviour, they embezzle money, do whatever it takes in order to keep gambling.
They've embezzled money from a company - I had one example of a gentleman who didn't want his wife to know that he was going to a massage parlour every Friday.
There was a case of fraud by a council official involved with the social work department, who was prosecuted for embezzling money, but this had nothing to do with the funding of Third Age.
When I first raised the issue of deferred sentences, it was about a woman who had embezzled money from her employer.
And remember this man is not only a thug, a bully, and a promoter of terrorism, he is also an thief and embezzler on a large scale.
Yet he was unreliable, twice failing to act on the king's commission, and twice charged with embezzling customs money.
The system would only be seen to be working if donor organizations embezzling funds were singled out and punished, he said.