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ember / тлеющие угли, последние красные угольки, горячая зола
имя существительное
тлеющие угли
ember, cinder, burning coal
последние красные угольки
горячая зола
имя существительное
a small piece of burning or glowing coal or wood in a dying fire.
the dying embers in the fireplace
An uneasy peace was negotiated during the dying embers of Bonetti's reign.
Very often, the coals or wood embers that are used in fire walking also have a low heat capacity.
Seconds later he saw the eyes again, the orbs reflecting off the dying embers of their fire.
The dying embers of the fire flickered and he squinted to get a feel of his surroundings.
You can learn to sense this instinct and fan the glowing embers into a roaring blaze.
We huddled closely around its glowing embers as they struggled to keep at bay the piercing chill of the Andean night.
He stared into the fire to avoid her gaze, to focus his thoughts within the flames and the glowing embers .
Still the burning embers of the creative urge propelled her to serious writing.
The glowing embers of the wood danced into the night sky, yet conveyed no warmth.
The room was quite dark, for the dying embers on the hearth provided only a faint radiance.